Food Patterns

A series of patterns based on a key ingredient of a baked good. All hand drawn and fun to make. Color palette taken from dessert in question but shifted to create uniformity. 

Wedding Invite

Front of a recent wedding invite illustrated for a couple getting hitched in Scotland. 


Big holiday gift for my girlfriend this year was my own rendition of a movie poster for Jacques Demy’s lovely Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Really pleased with how it came out and made me work really big - final was 27x40 inches. Also really forced me to come up with a script I liked and could duplicate across several signatures. Liked it so much I hope that jaggedy cursive can be my own. 


Doing some hand-drawn animation test stuff and decided to use some of my favorite characters. Here's Abe having a spotlight swung onto him, getting spooked, and getting pretty upset.  Here's a test animation that did not turn out the way I was planning - this one's called Melty Abe:

Aurora Vs Coil

Reading the second installment of Aurora West's story in the Battling Boy universe. Love the art and monster-world. My only gripe (more a disappointment) is the printing quality. Kinda cruddy newsprint makes the greyscale coloring pretty muddy. Wanted to draw Aurora taking on her nemesis baddy Coil (in that sweet Paul Pope color).

All-New Wolverine

Really enjoyed the first issue of All-New Wolverine in which Laura Kinney (X-23) takes up the mantle of Wolverine. She was a fun addition to the original crew in All-New X-Men, bringing 'oh so tough' I've been missing with no Logan. Hope it keeps up! Felt like drawing her gearing up into that classic uni.

Five Deadly Venoms

Pupil #2: The Snake from Chang Cheh’s (much more) story-driven martial arts film Five Deadly Venoms. One hand represents the snake’s head, the other the tail. Trying to keep the warmup game going.